About Lady Bird

Lady Bird the Corgi

Pembroke Welsh Corgi. 9 magical years-old. Legendary rear end wiggle.

Hi, I’m Lady Bird the Corgi! I’m a 9 year-old fabulous, spunky, magnanimous ball of fur that loves to play, nap, shed, and clocks in at a very svelte 22lbs. (+/- a pound or two depending on how many snackos I’ve had during the day.)
As my dad, Rick Cofer, says, “I am a proud dog father to the most amazing Pembroke Welsh Corgi, Lady Bird. Lady Bird nearly always has a smile on her face, and prides herself on bringing joy to everyone she meets, as well as being able to take down a Puppuccino faster than you can say, ‘Lady Bird!'”

100% certifiable Pembroke Welsh Corgi.

9 fabulous years of age.

Brew my own craft beer. (LOL JK.)

Have never worked.

I can even, I just choose not to.